Pete has lived in Japan since 2006, during which time he has has been working both in ESL instruction and in freelance web design. Pete is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he received his BFA degree from the University of Michigan. He helped form Be Wa as the site designer, and also contributes as one of our writers.
tonda puppetry

Tonda Puppetry Troupe

July 8, 2014 Culture The Arts 0 Comments

English 日本語 Tonda Puppet Troupe (冨田人形共遊団 Tonda ningyō kyōyūdan) is a locally famous Nagahama area group that has been doing traditional bunraku performances and puppetry workshops for almost...

The Circle of Rice

May 23, 2014 Culture 0 Comments

Last weekend, Belinda and I embarked on a day of rice-centric events in one of the key rice-producing regions of the ricey-est(?) nation on Earth! From planting ceremonies...