Megurinko Bike Rental – Hikone Sta.

Megurinko is a Hikone bike rental shop with two primary locations. One is here next to the station, in the first floor of Alplaza. The other is in Hikone’s Ginza district, in the office of their affiliate non-profit organization, Gokan Seikatsu.

The Alplaza location caters to visitors of Hikone Castle and other local tourist spots, while the Ginza office offers road bikes for longer trips, even around Lake Biwa. Their affiliated non-profit group promotes regional cycling in general, and has arranged the return of their bicycles to other rental shops around Shiga, which means you may be able to arrange a one way cycling trip, then return home from another station! Ask in-store for details.


2-28 Daitōchō
Hikone City

services Hikone City
2-28 Daitōchō
Hikone City
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Open daily, Closed New Years and for stormy weather.

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