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Shiga ‘Mizuguki’ Pottery

February 23, 2014


Shiga ‘Mizuguki’ Pottery

I wish this was one of those posts that read ‘look what I made for dinner last night’ – but no, it isn’t – it isn’t even my photo (taken from the Japan Kankou site about onsen visits in Shiga). Anyway, enough side talk (and side dishes for that matter!). Divert your attention beyond the food and into the beautiful blue of the plates featured. This is Shiga ‘Mizuguki’ pottery. There are a few places that sell it (and have ‘make your own’ workshops) in the prefecture but the place to go for it between Feb. 28th and Mar. 16th is Chomeiji near Omi Hachiman. They’re having a crazy everything’s gotta go type sale there that I’m sure will be worthwhile checking out. Prices from 105 yen.

For details: or just for links about workshops, the cafe and more!

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